18th of August 2017 07:45 PM Link
18th of August 2017 04:10 PM Link
Quiz time...what is this metal doodad? #wereallydontknow #Pepsi4scale
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16th of August 2017 04:02 PM Link
Ya just never know what you're going to find in store... like these cool UAW-CIO pins.
Message image
14th of August 2017 04:37 PM Link
This old bench needs a little work, but it's still wonderful. $50 takes it!
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12th of August 2017 06:13 PM Link
This old shopping cart would be so cute overflowing with flowers in someone's garden. 🌺🌸🌼
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5th of August 2017 01:53 PM Link
31st of July 2017 04:07 PM Link
Reclaimed wood counter with open back. $1295
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29th of July 2017 08:09 PM Link
29th of July 2017 02:05 PM Link
De Heer is Groot. $275
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27th of July 2017 03:48 PM Link
It's a bird...it's a plane...no, it's an armadillo ukelele! $350
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17th of July 2017 05:28 PM Link
Check out this cool hooked rug we got in!
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30th of June 2017 08:04 PM Link
We've got quite a few architectural pieces that would really set off a room...
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28th of June 2017 05:05 PM Link
Looking for nautical items? Check us out!
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24th of June 2017 01:55 PM Link
This Hammherhead Shark was caught right off the pier in Grand Haven! Okay, not really. It's fiberglass and used to hang in a local restaurant. Can you guess which one?
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22nd of June 2017 12:50 PM Link
These large planters would make a grand statement on your porch or deck. $195 each.
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21st of June 2017 12:45 AM Link
Our fab finials would look fantastic in your garden!
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17th of June 2017 11:43 AM Link
Did you know we're open 7 days a week? 10am-5pm daily and noon to 5pm on Sundays!
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15th of June 2017 01:22 PM Link
This guy is going to look so cool in somebody's garden. Blue & white statue $58
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12th of June 2017 06:30 PM Link
Know any Gretts? Tag them! This large zinc sign goes for $675
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10th of June 2017 01:28 PM Link
This large Victorian bookcase circa 1870 came out of a lawyer's home in Chicago. $12,000 It does break down. 121"w x 95 1/2"h x 19"d